Our Testing Facility

Sr. No. Material Details of Testing
Natural Moisture Content (NMC)
Grains Size Analysis(GSA)
LL, PL & PI (Atterberg Limits)
Proctor Compaction Test (OMC MDD)
Specific Gravity
FDD (Core Method)
FDD (Sand Replacement)
Free Soil Index (FSI)
SBC ByTriaxial & Direct Shear Test
Permeability of Soil
Laboratory OMC, MDD, CBR
Soil Classification (GSA & LL. PL & PI)
Shrinkage Index
02.Fine Aggrement(Sand)
Gradation (Sieve Analysis) & Fineness Modulus
Water Absorption
Silt Content
Specific Gravity
Moisture Content
Bulk Density
% of Deleterious Material
03.Coarse Aggregate 10,20,40mm etc.
Impact Value
Crushing Value/ % Fine Value
Flakiness Index (FI) & Elongation Index (EI)
Specific Gravity
Water Absorption
Los-Angels Abrasion Test
Bulk Density & Voids
Bulk Density
% of Deleterious Material
Fineness (By Sieving)
Fineness (By Blain,s Apparatus Method)
Initial & final setting Time
Soundness Le-Chatelier
Specific Gravity (Le-Chatelier Flask)
Compressive Strength for 3days, 7days & 28 days
05.Bitumen and Emulsion
Specific Gravity
Penetration Value
Softening Point
Flash & fire Point Test
Ductility test
Stone Polish
06.Job Mix Formula
DBM, SDBC, BM, BC, Mastic Asphalt etc.
07.Bitumen Mix Material
% Bitumen Content (Extraction)
Bulk Density
Marshal Stability Test (One set 3 pcs. Mould)
08.Mix Design
Concrete Grade - M15, M20, M25, M30, M35
Concrete Grade - M40, M45
Pump able Cement Concrete up to M35
Pump able Cement Concrete M40
Pump able Cement Concrete M45
Pump able Cement Concrete M50
Self compacting Cement Concrete
GSB, WMM etc.
09.Bricks 20 Pieces each Sets
Crushing Strength
Water Absorption
10.Paver Blocks & Cement Concrete Block 3 Pieces each Sets
Compressive Strength
Water Absorption
Abrasion Value
11.Flooring Tiles/Walls 3 Pieces each Sets
Modulus of rupture
Abration Value
Water Absorption
Crushing Strength of Core (Per Nos.)
SBC by Core Cutting Method
Core Cutting in Lab
13.Concrete Core Test
Crushing Strength
14.Concrete Cubes
Crushing Strength (3 pcs. Each sets)
Chemical Analysis (for, Bore Data)
16.Fine Aggreate(Sand)
Chloride Content
Sulphate Content
Organic Impurities
Alkali Reactivity & Silica
17.Coarse Aggregate
Chloride Content
Sulphate Content
Organic Impurities
Alkali Reactivity & Silica
As per you r requirement
19.Water Test
Drinking Purpose (As per your requirement)
Construction Purpose (As per your requirement)
Chemical composition by Spectrometer
Tensile Strength 0 to 20mm thk. (UTS, YS, % of Elongation)
Tensile Strength Above 20mm thk. (UTS, YS, % of Elongation)
Sectional Weight
21.Non-Destructive Test
Plate Load Test (for, Safe Bearing Capacity)
Standard Penetration Test (SPT)
Rebound Hammer Method (Each point)
Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (Each Point)