Lab Equipment

    Building Material Lab Equipment

Compressive Testing Machine
Stability Test Apparatus
Los Angles
Vibration Machine
Autoclave Apparatus
Impact Value test apparatus
CBR Test Apparatus
Vicat Apparatus
Soil Stirrer Apparatus
Mortar Mixer Apparatus
Bitumen penetrometer
Proving Ring - 5KN
Digital Tachometer
  • NBMTL Lab ensures that its testing laboratories are furnished with the necessary test equipment and support facilities required for the correct performance of its testing.
  • Director approves the acquisition / replacements of equipment.
    a) Laboratory Incharge/Technical Manager is responsible for installation, calibration, maintenance, operation, inspection, troubleshooting, service and repair of equipments.
    b) Quality Manager is responsible for maintaining the list of equipments and their calibration status.
  • Equipments are operated by authorized personal. Up to date instructions on the use And maintenance of equipment including any relevant manuals provided by the manufactures of the equipments are readily available for use by the appropriate laboratory personal.
  • Each item of equipment and its software used for testing are uniquely identified.
  • Records are maintained of each item of equipment and its software significant to the tests performed. The records include the following;
    a) The identity of the item of equipment and its software;
    b) The manufacture's name, type identification, and serial number;
    c) NBMTL Lab shall ensure that equipment and related computer software are capable of achieving the accuracy required and suitable for the test specifications. Calibration and verification programs are established for all items of equipment having a significant effect on test results. All Laboratory equipment are calibrated and checked before being placed into service to ensure it meets the equipment specification requirements and other relevant standard specifications. Only authorized personnel operate testing equipment. Instructions on the operation and maintenance of equipment are readily available. d & e) Records are maintained of each item of equipment and its software significant to the test performed. The records include equipment identity, manufacturer's name, type, serial number, and location, and performance specification, reference to operation instructions, applicable maintenance requirements and damage, malfunction and equipment modifications.
    f) Test equipment (both hardware and software) are safeguarded from adjustments that would invalidate the test results
    g) Periodic maintenance is performed on equipment in accordance to operational manual / service manuals and / or authoritative procedures
    h) All defective Laboratory equipment will be taken out of service. Such equipment shall be clearly marked as out-of-service until it has been repaired and shown to perform correctly.
  • The respective Laboratory has a procedure for safe handling, transport, and storage of testing equipment to ensure proper functioning to prevent contamination or deterioration.
  • Technical manager ensures that any equipment which gives susceptive results shall be taken out of service and is brought back to operation only after successful performance evaluation.
  • All equipment requiring calibration will be labeled, or otherwise identified to indicate calibration status including the date last calibrated and the date recalibration is due.
  • All items of equipment that go outside the control of the laboratory for a period are checked to ensure the function and calibration is satisfactory before putting into service.
  • Intermediate checks are periodically performed to ensure the calibration status of equipment per operational / service manuals and / or documented procedures.
  • The laboratory has procedures to ensure data are correctly updated if calibrations give rise to any "correction factors".
  • Laboratory Incharge & respective Technical Manager maintain the schedule and status of calibration / intermediate checks of all equipment.
  • The drift of the equipments is studied by using Reference Standards, Reference Materials or Retained samples and if the drift is excessive, the Quality manager is informed for necessary action. Detailed procedure for instrument operation and maintenance is given in NBMTL/QSP/12.

    Chemical Lab Equipment

PVC Measuring Jar
Hot Air Oven
Blain Air Permeability Apparatus
Temperature Controler
Muffle Furnace
Weight Analysis Apparatus

    Mechanical Lab Equipment

UTM-FIE - 100 TON (1000 KN Digital)